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So Gouda Cheese (1gr)

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So Gouda is a phenotype descendant of three legendary strains: UK Cheese and Blueberry, and G13 Haze. Those genetics show in the indica-fueled body high, which is deeply calming and happy with increased sociability.

This strain is recommended for patients seeking treatment for anxiety, stress, pain, PMS, and lack of appetite, as it induces powerful hunger. THC levels aren’t widely reported, but So Gouda is rumored to be only moderately potent. CBD numbers are similarly scarce, but that alone suggests this strain shouldn’t be used to relieve the symptoms of seizure disorders or other problems that respond to CBD preparations. The light, airy bud is light green with a thin dusting of trichomes on the surface. So Gouda has a mild, sour Kush flavor and a Skunky aroma reminiscent of ammonia. This strain is a rare Canadian selection found in British Columbia but not much of anywhere else.

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