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Pre-Rolled G-13 (0.5g)

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Wi-Fi OG or White Fire OG is a fantastic hybrid strain that offers users a balanced high that promotes a feeling of well being with out the overly energetic or sedative effects of its sativa and hybrid parents. The flavours of this strain have an indica earthiness followed by a pungent sweetness indicative of its sativa parents. These amazing pre-rolled joints are loaded with a half gram of this amazing strain. So grab these amazing joints and forget rolling your own. Let the expert budtenders at Medicanna Express roll the perfect joints for you.

5 for $20!

Medicanna is pleased to offer all our pre-rolls for $20 for 5 joints! Thats only $4 each! Simply order a 5 pack and in the Order Notes field at checkout, list us the strains you would like us to send!

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5 for $20, Single