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Pink Tuna (1gr)

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This hybrid is perfect in lighting up your mood. The spicy taste together the pungent and earthly smell is the right thing you need to guarantee relaxation and comfort. The lasting effect of Pink Tuna is great for periods when you just need to sit back and relax all day long.

Pink Tuna is perfect for those who are suffering from stress, lack of appetite, insomnia, cramps, headaches and stress. The euphoric effects are long lasting and are just the right thing you need to relax after a long day. The tastes and aroma are a perfect combination of sweetness and satisfaction.

Flavour: Pungent, Earthy, Spicy

Feelings: Happy, Hungry, Sleepy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Good For: Stress, Insomnia, Lack of Appetite, Headaches, Cramps

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