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First of all, AMAZING PRICES! CAN"T BE BEAT!!! They have shatter and other extracts here, by phyto or kind or other big name producers, that are way better priced than anywhere else. Their bud is also a great price for a dispensary.
Great place, very professional and knowledgeable, love the strains they have, I'm a big hybrid and Sativa fan they always have many strains to pick from. Great deals I'm new to cannabis and they're very helpful, got all of my supplies and product at a great price.
I recommend this dispensary to everyone. The weed is great and the staff know what they are talking about. The vapour pens and capsules are awesome. Everyone that works here is really nice. 🙂

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Fresh Flower in! Watermelon Breath Gelato aka Larry Bird Afghan Kush Shishkaberry Super Lemon Haze Megaladon Greasemonkey Smalls Biscotti  

Have you tried our Budtanicals Phoenix Tears?

Budtanicals Tears provide the highest concentration of cannabis of all Budtanical products. Tears are specially formulated for oral consumption and can help relieve pain, anxiety and stress, inflammation, and enhance general well-being. Each Budtanical Tears package contains one syringe, which is calibrated for accurate dosing. Budtanical Tears should be kept refrigerated and kept out of reach of children and pets. View our Budtanicals Phoenix Tears here today!

New Flower and $5 gram Specials on Premium Strains!

New Flower and $5 gram Specials on Premium Strains! Timmy OG Pink Kush Lemon OG


Death Bubba & Platinum GSC $5 gram for a Limited Time! Spend $200 get 5 free Pre-Rolls!